SAPIENS is the suite for cataloging and managing assets present in the company which allows you to manage their entire life cycle.

Manage your assets and their life cycle

Do you need to catalog and manage your assets quickly and easily?
Do you want to quickly locate them within the facility and view their location on the map?
Sapiens allows you to do this and much more.

The cataloging of company assets has nowadays become a necessity that companies can no longer do without. Knowing the date of purchase and disposal, the state and position of each asset allows for more careful management of the resources available while increasing the general organization of the entire structure.


SAPIENS allows you to carry out correct asset management through the management of all the main and intermediate activities relating to the life cycle of the assets. Each figure, in relation to the task entrusted to him, will be able to use the tools necessary to carry out the activities in each STEP:

STEP 1 - Definition of the project and activities

In this phase, the configuration parameters (e.g. users, categories, types, brands, articles, organizational structures, etc.) of the system and the survey and updating activities of existing assets are defined.

STEP 2 – Detection of existing assets

In this phase, all the assets present within the structure are registered through the use of portable terminals (PDAs, notebooks, tablet-PCs, etc.) equipped with an entry interface which facilitates the collection of information on the premises to be register and any assets already present. The operators in charge of carrying out the survey, once the asset has been identified, will apply RFID labels and/or bar codes and will classify the item according to the specifications defined during STEP 1.

STEP 3 – Detection of new assets

When new assets are delivered, they are immediately identified, classified and subsequently positioned in the established premises.

STEP 4 – Assets migration

The relocation of assets between offices, buildings and rooms is recorded in the database and it is possible to trace the history of the asset's positions at any time.

STEP 5 – Periodic survey

The periodic survey is carried out by detecting the objects present in each individual room by operators equipped with portable terminals. If during this phase any inconsistencies and/or damage to the goods emerge, these defects are reported to the respective category managers who will be able to intervene accordingly.

STEP 6 – Assets disposal

Assets disposals are validated by the operations center regardless of whether this was notified by a user or emerged following a possible periodic survey.