ISO-27017:2015 certification

wednesday may 22 2024

Futura Sistemi has always been deeply committed to information security, through continuous investments in qualifications aimed to attest its quality.

And just recently, we celebrated an important milestone within this journey: the acquisition of the renowned ISO 27017:2015 certification!

ISO/IEC 27017:2015 is a security control for cloud services and is an extension of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002. The standard is critical for both customers and cloud service providers. The ISO 27017 Standard is designed to assist organizations in selecting security controls for cloud services when implementing a cloud computing information security management system.

As an extension of ISO 27002, ISO 27017 provides guidance on the 37 ISO 27002 controls but also introduces seven new controls:

  • Removal and return of cloud service customer assets once a contract is terminated
  • Security management alignment for both virtual and physical networks
  • Secure and segregate a customer's virtual environment
  • Shared roles and responsibilities between cloud providers and customers
  • Administrative operating procedures of a cloud computing environment
  • Allow cloud service customers to be able to monitor relevant activities within the cloud
  • Virtual machine configuration requirements to meet business needs

A result that confirms our constant dedication to guaranteeing the information security of the documents, processes and technologies we use.

A further decisive step towards a path of continuous improvement, aimed at ensuring our customers and partners increasingly safe and cutting-edge solutions.

Futura Sistemi Team